Lorna Sills Katica has over fifteen years of experience in the practice of law.
The firm's philosophy is to give clients the personal attention of a small law
firm, competitive fee arrangements, and goal oriented representation geared
toward the most efficient means of resolving conflict.

In the labor and employment arena, Ms. Katica has handled a wide variety of federal and state court work-related civil litigation, including contracts, torts, ERISA litigation, whistleblower claims, civil rights, and race, gender, age and
disability discrimination cases. The education law facet of her practice has Melbourne Valuers
included representation of teachers, administrators, and children with special
education needs, as well as higher education concerns. Work-related business
disputes, business torts, securities matters, franchise and small business
litigation has also been a part of Ms. Katica's commercial litigation practice
over the years.

The market or some groundbreakingtechnology happens one Brisbane Property Valuers month laterthat's not relevant to the valuation soeven if I you know I market Commissionare to do evaluation as a justbecause that's the date of the legaldispute I've got to ignore anythingthat's happened since they're so youcan't have that benefit of hindsightyou've got to do it as if usinginformation available at that particulardate so it does get back to the factorthat that most valuations will be wrongbecause you don't have a crystal balland there'll be some things you couldn'thave forecast but there will be somethings that you would have beennegligent of if you hadn't thought aboutor some sort of due diligence or somesort of review.

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Straight talk and coherent intuition are signs of Jack Miller’s mien. Mill operator got to be data innovation advancement chief at Keller Williams known as Keller Williams International in 2001. He administers the organization’s property valuation expert including the Keller Williams University preparing program, and the organization’s Eugenic framework, an online toolbox for specialists. Mo Anderson, CEO of Keller Williams Realty International, says that besides his IT abilities. Mill operator has expanded specialists skylines showing them new ways to deal with dealing with their organizations and lives. Anderson depicts Keller Williams University as our crown gem. It’s the place three things meet up Our energy meets with what drives our financial model and with what we are the absolute best at training. The framework is a significant enrolling device once operators see that they can twofold or triple their creation. Darren Bien, VP of IT and head working officer at Keller Williams, calls Miller likely the most ravenous learner I’ve ever observed.

Ms. Katica is also registered as a mediator with the Georgia Office of Dispute


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